Bring Your Summer Adventures Home with Custom Home Décor

You’ve probably made many great, new memories over the course of the past festive Christmas and New Year season. Wherever you’ve been on your summer holiday, you’ve probably collected a variety of photographs showing you and your loved ones enjoying your festive break. The question is, what are you going to do with those memories? Well, why not bring your summer adventure home and immortalise them on personalised home decor, to not only make a reminder of the wonderful time you had, but also add an attractive interior design element? Here are 3 personalised home décor ideas to try.

  1. Canvas Prints
    You could select your favourite or most striking images and print them on a large
    canvas spread to hang up in the lounge or entrance hall. It could be the magnificent
    pride of lions you finally managed to see in the Kruger Park after hours of driving
    around. Or, it could be the whole family captured in various poses of excitement
    (perhaps terror?) as they ziplined over the Oribi gorge. Whatever image takes your fancy, we can print it and turn it into a gorgeous piece of wall art.
  2. Clocks
    Have something more practical in mind? Let us turn your photos into stunning wall
    clocks (they are available in a variety of sizes and shapes). Hang them wherever you
    choose in your home, and make sure that this holiday is never forgotten, no matter how much time passes.
  3. Blocks, Calendars and Homeware
    You can also opt for smaller pieces that you can place in various parts of the house.
    Why not try one (or all!) of the following options:

    Coasters to serve as conversation pieces every time you serve your guests drinks,
    For the more practical amongst us, calendars for your home or office, and/or
    Perhaps even a cutting block to remind you of that fleeting break as you get
    involved in the daily task of preparing family meals while dreaming of the next getaway!

Whatever you choose to do with your memories, RapidStudio can help you bring them to
life. Contact us for more information, or browse our product pages.


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