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How to Easily Convert HEIC to JPG for Your RapidStudio Photobook

In the ever-evolving world of digital photography, Apple introduced the HEIC (High Efficiency Image Coding) format with iOS 11. While this format offers superior compression and image quality, it has caused some confusion and frustration among users who find their HEIC images incompatible with many applications, including those for creating photobooks. At RapidStudio, we understand these challenges and have streamlined the process to ensure your creative projects proceed without a hitch. Uploading HEIC Images Directly from Your iPhone RapidStudio has made it incredibly easy to upload your HEIC images directly from your iPhone to your photobook or other projects. Simply scan the QR code in the upload images option of your project using your iPhone’s camera. This feature allows for seamless integration and immediate access to your photos, bypassing compatibility issues and letting you focus on creating your personalised masterpiece. Converting HEIC to JPG on Your Mac If you prefer to tra
Photobook Workshop’s with RapidStudio   Accelerate Your Photobook Project: The Power of Photobook Workshops   Creating a photobook can be an immensely rewarding experience, transforming a collection of photographs into a tangible narrative that can be shared, cherished, and revisited. However, the process can also be daunting, particularly for those new to the craft. Photobook workshops offer an invaluable resource for photographers of all levels, providing structured guidance, expert advice, and a collaborative environment that can significantly accelerate your photobook project and enhance the quality of your final product.   RapidStudio run free photobook workshops every month. Click here to see the schedule and sign up to make sure you receive the workshop Zoom link.   Here are a few of Chantal’s top tips that she shares during the workshop:   1.         Shortlist your photos first: this will save a lot of time and make the design process e