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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Every Kind of Mom

Can't figure out what to get mom for Mother's Day ? Browse these photo-themed gift ideas – there's one for every kind of mom. For the chef mom… If your mom's food is still the main reason you head home for the holidays, and if you're more likely to find her in the kitchen (even when everyone else is eating), gift her a personalised mug or set of placemats . You can customise them with photos of the family, of her, or of her favourite, home-cooked, dishes. For the hobbyist mom… If your mom is all about the baking / horse riding / dancing / yoga / pottery / race-car driving, why not create a personalised photobook , filled with images of her favourite hobby. Use photos of her doing her hobby, amazing pics of others doing it in action, or quotes about the hobby. A post shared by Tiffany (@_teafunny) on Jan 10, 2018 at 10:10am PST For the arts and crafts mom… Some mothers are born arts and crafts gurus. They can scrapbook all day and papier-

Unique Ways to Display (and Preserve) your Children's Artwork

Here's what to do with all those kids' artworks that are milling about your study. unsplash-logo Mike Fox When your child brings home their very first artwork, it's the most beautiful thing you've ever seen. It gets prime position on the fridge, and is dated, stamped and lamented. But fast-forward a few years and you've likely got hundreds of drawings and paintings cluttering up the study drawer. What do you do with them all? Here are some fun tips on how to preserve and display your kids' artwork. Make their own wall collage Who says kids' paintings aren't worth framing and hanging up? Kids rooms can be brightened up if you frame their artwork, in every size and shape, and create a collage on their wall. Matching frames look the best! Even better; you can scan in their drawings and print a few really big on canvas – for a dramatic look. A great way to celebrate their creativity! Make a set of placemats You don't have to keep eve