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Canvas Prints Make Great Gifts

CANVAS PRINTS MAKE GREAT GIFTS Photos of family or special memories add that personal touch to any occasion you are celebrating. Canvases make unique gifts with that extra dash of love, lasting a lifetime. RapidStudio canvases are hand-made with attention to detail and pride.   With their professional finish your special person will be delighted to receive the gift.   If you have a creative flair, you can even scrapbook your canvas!     Christmas Concepts For the family, a family photo on canvas shows how much your loved ones mean to you.         If you are looking to buy for a friend, then consider stock photography.   These sites such as will certainly have an image to suite your special friend. A shared moment also makes for a great gift idea.             Anniversary Acknowledgments Rather than the same jaded ideas for an anniversary gift, give a unique photo on canvas of the couple. Consider a collag

World Cup personalised Gifting with RapidStudio

Having a fun park or a match night to watch some of the matches with clients and staff is great. The sport is good for morale and camaraderie, it brings people together and gets them interacting and communicating more effectively. World Cup Gifting So you've got your venue, and you've invited your clients and staff, and you've ordered the drinks. The TV's all set up, and the evening is going to be a great success. But wouldn't it be great if they could take something away with them. Something to remind them of the great time they had, and something to remind them of you, who hosted the evening. We've got some ideas for you. Every business is different, and you're going to want to pick something that suits your client. Here are a few examples of key rings, mugs and mouse pads. Make sure that you brand and personalise the merchandise, it just means that much more when it's personal and they're more likely to enjoy it and use it. It's gr