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Types of Photobooks

Photobooks continue to rise in popularity, both in South Africa and abroad. With more people having access to great cameras on their phones, it is no surprise that more photos are being taken. But how often do we print them out to show others?
A photobook is a great way to tell a story. Here are some of the common types of photobooks that people print: Family history, perhaps moving chronologically from historical photos to contemporary images.
A narrative of a newsworthy event that you were fortunate or unfortunate enough to witness. There is no requirement to be balanced or objective. The book can simply be an account of what you saw.
Weddings are an obvious choice. For many years, photobooks have been an obvious part of the package offered by wedding photographers.
Other big life events such as a graduation, the birth of a child or reunions also make great subjects for photobooks.
Holidays and travel experiences.
Sports events.
Corporate profiles, especially for designers or architects w…

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