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Christmas gifting SORTED with RapidStudio

Create personalised Christmas gifts this year with RapidStudio’s wide range of photobooks and photo products

  • Christmas in a click! Order online from home
  • Delivered to your door
  • Personalised, treasured, family photo memories
  • Variety of products to choose from, something for everyone from cheap cheap to the spoiler
  • Photobooks, wall canvas, personalised calendars and diaries, coffee mug, keyrings, magnets and more!

To me, 2020 has been more about consolidating memories than creating them. With lockdown and the threat of a global pandemic that posed particular threat to the elderly, in March, I found myself holding those in my home a little closer, anxiously worried and on the phone daily to loved ones outside my home and on my computer a lot, scrolling through old family holiday pics and reliving the wonderful memories shared.

Like everyone, we’ve missed the family getaways and braai gatherings in 2020, but I’ve really valued consolidating. Nothing like a threat to remind us what we value most – our loved ones, and flipping through old memories of good times shared. I spent the first couple weeks of lockdown gathering up those memories into photobooks and now for Christmas I’m going to print copies of a family memories photobook for the extended family for Christmas gift as well as a few spectacular pics I pulled out that I’ll turn into a wall canvas with RapidStudio and gift the family.

Here are 9 easy, affordable personalised gifts ideas to wrap up Christmas this year!

9 personalised photo gift ideas

Personalised mugs:
I love these! You can place for favourite static image on the mug or for extra fun there is the colour change mugs that appear black and when filled with a delicious hot drink the black fades to reveal a family photo or special message.

Photobooks: These are the ultimate Christmas gift in my opinion. There’s no end to the special themes of photobooks you can create that will mean the most to a special loved one – or my favourite – one book capturing the entire family  - a special family holiday or family gatherings throughout the year past – print one copy of the same book for each family group! I love easy, meaningful solutions! Here are some book ideas I love: A family holiday, Grandma/pa’s bragbook, a family history book, family recipe book, a story book, A ‘reasons I love you’ book, a fur family photobook, kids artwork collection photobook, and a collection of family selfies!

Canvas wall art: If you don’t have a lot of time, these are SPECTACULAR gifts. And super fast to order online. A large canvas for each family makes for an impressive gift under the tree and a beautiful, treasured surprise to unwrap Christmas morning! For teenagers in the family I love the shutterblocks.

Calendar: This is a hot Christmas gift favourite. No time to prepare – just 12 favourite family photies, easy to populate into our Calendar template and VOILA! A personalised, useful family gift that makes everyone feel special.

RapidStudio voucher: Think your loved one would enjoy creating some photo memories of their own. Someone in the family expecting a baby, wedding or special event coming soon? RapidStudio vouchers make awesome gifts. Now they really are the Christmas in one click solutions!

Jigsaw puzzle: Great for the little ones in the family. They’ll be delighted to make a puzzle of themselves, or a great way to treasure family that live far away – reminding the little ones who their family is made up of. Or maybe a personalised puzzle of the family fur babies, or their favourite dinosaur or digger – whatever the rage this Christmas might be!

Diary: A beautiful personalised diary cover to help you feel excited about getting organised in 2021.

Keyrings and Magnets: Affordable and special. These are great solution for extended family where the costs of gifts for a burgeoning extended family can balloon fast. A magnet or keyring with a beautiful photo of each child in the family goes in pride position on the fridge, enjoyed every day and makes everyone feel special.

Christmas decorations and cards: Personalised baubles, gift tags and Christmas cards for those who still love the tradition of snail mail or a hand-written Christmas card; RapidStudio can print all these for you and more, check out the SPECIALOCCASIONS/CHRISTMAS tab on our website.


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