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5 Creative Cover-ups with Canvas

My house was built in 1948 which makes her an old dame of 67 years. Only fair to expect a few wrinkles here and there.  So she is in need of some TLC.  Between school runs, day job and the dreaded thought of builders in my home I have come up with some creative ideas to cover up some horrors in my house.  Maybe you have them too! Horror Number 1 The crack! I have a crack through my bathroom tiles from the hot water pipe behind. This canvas has hidden this problem without me having to re-tile and has also added warmth and texture to a stark white bathroom. Tip – don’t hang a canvas directly over a bath or shower as the steam may affect its stretch on the frame. Cracked tiles - Before Beautiful Canvas - After Horror number 2 DIY plaster jobs! I covered up this bad attempt at plastering using a frame covered in fabric which complemented my kitchen décor (as opposed to choosing a printed canvas) DIY - Before DIY - After