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RapidStudio Produces Award-Winning Photobooks

RapidStudio is over the moon with our showing in the GAPP awards. The GAPP Awards are the pinnacle of excellence in the South African printing industry , so you can understand why we were excited to be a part of it. These awards encourage professionalism and innovation in printing and are sponsored by the leader in knowledge development, The GAPP Magazine. ‘GAPP’ stands for Graphics, Advertising, Print and Packaging, which feature in all of our everyday lives. This year was the inaugural ceremony for the GAPP Awards, and they sure put on a spectacular night. We all got dressed to perfection and felt rather fancy in our handsome suits and beautiful gowns. While the celebration was formal, there was no shortage of fun and entertainment. The catering was superb, with so many delicious dishes for us to enjoy. RapidStudio knows how important framing is to enhance a picture, well; the ballroom at Montecasino certainly made a sublime frame for the perfect evening. Swish tables d

Who’s the Teacher’s Pet? Gifts for dear Teachers

The end of the school year is coming around again. Can you believe it?! Think of how fast our kids are growing up; everyday soaking in the knowledge of our colourful world like a sponge. What would we do without the fantastic teachers, guiding our children on their path of learning? We remember those special teachers who’d go over and above with great fondness. They were beacons of positive energy, engaging with us and helped us understand this mind-boggling world. Say Thank You with Pride Saying thank you to the amazing teachers in our life is not as easy as it sounds. An apple is old hat. Flowers soon wilt. Chocolates are nice, but forgotten. Fear not! RapidStudio have you covered! This year, say thank you with a beautiful and thoughtful, bespoke gift. We’ve made it quick and easy for you to personalise your gift with lots of custom design choices. Create a one-of- a-kind gift that lasts! Shutterblocks & Instablocks Beautiful pictures hung with pride or set o

RapidStudio – Photo and Film Expo 2016

RapidStudio Up In Lights The RapidStudio Stand The Photo & Film Expo is Africa’s premier industry event, drawing huge crowds from across the continent and across the professional spectrum. RapidStudio was front and centre for this amazing event and we brought with us a spirit of collaboration and knowledge sharing. Not only did we share our expertise in printing and photography, but we were also handing out 50% vouchers to a very interested crowd. What a way to kick-start a printing project! We set up a demonstration stand for a hands-on, tactile showcase of our products. Oh… And there were free cupcakes too! They were out-of-this-world delicious. Some delicious cupcakes RapidStudio hosted a lounge for show goers to relax and enjoy a break from exploring the huge number of stalls. We had ultra comfy furniture from Sevens , complimentary recharge stations from Richarge , and even free massages from Mowana Spa!  The RapidStudio Lounge was so well appointed it