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RapidStudio support TLC - Changing children's lives

TLC - The Love of Christ Children's Home... because every baby deserves a family When Romy Antrobus contacted us with a request to discount our photo calendars which they want to sell to raise funds for TLC, we didn't think twice to donate the calendars. We consider it a privilege to help in this little way. Thea Jarvis and her family are truly heavenly creatures walking and working amongst us. I was touched very deeply when reading Thea and Pippa's blogs. Captured in every single word are traces of a love and sincerity which very few people in this world possess. My own words do not come close enough to describing the work these lovely people do with our children, so I've borrowed their own words in order to get the message across. "Each person in our family was meant to be there, and each one is loved. Whether born or adopted into the family, each person is beautifully unique and treasured." more The Jarvis family cares for babies affected

Creating a PDF for print from iPhoto

How to get your Photobook/Calendar/Card out of iPhoto for printing To create the correctly imposed PDF in iPhoto:  Step 1: R emove Page Numbering (In iPhoto - deselect Page Number in Settings) Step 2:  Right-click or (ctrl)-click in the grey area outside the actual book in iPhoto and select " Print Book As PDF " Another small window will pop-up while the pdf is being generated. Once it's done you will have a PDF file of your book with the cover imposed front & back and then your inside pages.  This PDF should be uploaded on the RapidStudio website. NOTE:   If you have designed your dust cover (the cover with the flaps on the front and back cover that fold over the cover of your book), and you would like it printed, you need to choose the "dust cover" option when doing your quote.  If the dust cover option is not chosen, the cover with the flaps will be ignored and you will receive a normal hard cover photo book (with a personalised cover).