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Where to get photobooks printed

Are you looking to print photobooks? RapidStudio is your one-stop photobook design and printing shop. Whether you have designed your own photobook, had it professionally designed or want to use our easy online tool, we’ve got you covered. We deliver excellence - every time At RapidStudio, we merge creativity and expression with the latest photo printing technology to deliver excellence - every time.  Over the past few years, we have zoned in on our photobook printing solutions , and we offer online tools so that you can create your own photobooks. If you haven’t designed your photobook yet, check out our online design tool . All you need to do is upload your images and choose from our pre-designed templates. You could also opt to design your own templates for your photobook. You can also share projects with your friends and even collaborate if you have family members or other professional stakeholders who are working with you on a photobook project. Where to get free

Collages - When you can't pick just one pic for a canvas print

Collages are great for keeping all those memorable moments intact and in one place. Another fantastic thing about them is that they make having various adventures and experiences accessible - so you don’t have to decide which photos to print. Canvas prints are awesome little inventions that you should add to your home décor. What Are the Benefits of Having a Collage Canvas Print to a Single Photo in a Frame? They provide a smooth, neat finish They look amazing Longer lasting prints compared to photos They are your best solution to something different yet so beautiful Cost-effective long-term investments of your fondest memories It’s Easy to Create Your Collage Canvas Choose Your Canvas  You can decide on the type of canvas you want from a wide selection of skinny canvases, box mount, floating and contemporary canvases . You Can Select an Image Layout  This is a good option and with easy canvas printing in South Africa, the list goes on. You get to fully

Guidelines to design your own photobooks

Creating a photobook is a great way to transform your photo memories into a narrative that can be shared with other people. Whether you want to preserve important milestones, create a story about your family history or use a photobook as a smart way to display your creative work, RapidStudio can help you to design and print them. Here are the guidelines to design your own photobook: Organise Your Photos Before you start playing around with online tools and templates, organise your photos. Put the photos that you want to use in a specific folder so that you don’t have to search around for images when you start creating your photobook. Choose an Online Tool RapidStudio’s design tools are not only free, but you can also use it offline. There are pre-designed templates and you can design your own template if you want to. For people who aren’t graphic designers, this is a great option. Start designing your own photobook on our website now. RapidStudio offers free tools f

Create a first months Baby Photobook | RapidStudio

Having a new baby is a new adventure not to be missed! Every day goes by so fast and they quickly grow up and develop their own quirks and character. Photobook software can help you to capture those memorable moments with your little one and let them live on forever. Photobooks have many advantages as opposed to the older “photo albums”. You can create your own with our special software and have it readily available. What Makes a Photobook Great? A photobook won’t wither away into a dusty pile of brittle prints It isn’t bulky like a traditional photo album It’s easy to create using a photobook maker online It’s much more beautiful The pictures of a photobook are printed onto paper pages There are various cover options to choose from How Photobook Software Can Help You Create a Custom Photobook You can make a personalised photobook using our premium and easy to use photobook software. Here’s how: It Allows You to Select Your Choice of Photos Choose the pi

The different Types of Photobooks with RapidStudio

Photobooks continue to rise in popularity, both in South Africa and abroad. With more people having access to great cameras on their phones, it is no surprise that more photos are being taken. But how often do we print them out to show others? A photobook is a great way to tell a story. Here are some of the common types of photobooks that people print: Family history, perhaps moving chronologically from historical photos to contemporary images. A narrative of a newsworthy event that you were fortunate or unfortunate enough to witness. There is no requirement to be balanced or objective. The book can simply be an account of what you saw. Weddings are an obvious choice. For many years, photobooks have been an obvious part of the package offered by wedding photographers. Other big life events such as a graduation, the birth of a child or reunions also make great subjects for photobooks. Holidays and travel experiences. Sports events. Corporate profiles, especi

Create Affordable Art for Your Home with Canvas Printing

Canvas printing  is a great way to display beautiful art décor without the high price tag of a real painting. We all want to spruce up our homes and make them look amazing. Thankfully, with technology, you are able to enjoy affordable artwork at a fraction of the cost. And, the options for creativity are virtually limitless! Canvas printers are able to print a picture onto a canvas, and it can add to the decor in your home. What Is a Canvas Print? The canvas used in wall art canvas printing can be made of cotton or polyester cotton blend. Special software will allow you to print from actual photos and even from another painting by scanning the imaging and then printing it from the computer to the canvas. The canvas is then stretched onto a wooden frame that you can hang as art or decor. DIY Canvas Printing With unique canvas printing specials , you can make your very own DIY canvas prints and save whilst still enjoying all the beauty and décor inspiration that “comes with