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3 Tips for mastering your own painting.

Latest Paint By Shadow HobbyX On March 8, 2015, HobbyX at The Dome was another huge success for Paint by Shadow! We used a YouTube video looping on a screen to encourage people to join, and I had a customer show me what he’d done with a Paint by Shadow he’d purchased at HobbyX Gallagher in September. We also launched the Paint by Shadow Value series, which sold out. The Value range offers more choices to our customer base, and the opportunity of to build confidence before moving onto the Professional range. About the workshop: Paint by Shadow also hosted its first workshop at HobbyX, which received great feedback. This has lead to the planning of regular workshops for beginners. The workshops teach basic principles of colour mixing and tonal range, important to know to complete a successful Paint by Shadow painting. A few tips for beginners: Tip 1 # Identify  your  tonal range ie from shadow to hi-light on your image. Tip 2 # Add one colour down on colour wh