3 Steps to Creating Your Wedding Album

Congratulations! You’ve made it through your big day, are officially one half of a married couple and are hopefully decompressing after months of planning and preparations for your big day.

After the honeymoon and once you’re back at work, the interrogations about the day and honeymoon as well as endless requests for pictures usually start. Whether it’s your friends and family who attended your wedding or curious colleagues who want all the details, you need to make sure you’ve got high-quality wedding pictures to show them. Here are three steps to creating your own wedding album:
  1. Collate Your Pictures Before everyone had a camera in their pockets, people had to rely solely on the wedding photographer for photos. Today, things are much different. Some bridal couples have multiple photographers or even put disposable cameras on tables and encourage guests to take their own pictures. Whatever route you followed, your first step is to get all of the pictures in one place.
  2. Choose Your Favourite Moments Your wedding album should tell a story. A great idea is to choose pictures from different parts of the day, such as you getting ready with your girlfriends or mother, the groom bonding with his friends, the first time you appear in the aisle and the ceremony, to name a few.
  3. Design Your Album
    Use RapidStudio’s easy-to-use website and design your wedding album online. When you're done, simply follow the ordering process in the software to get the book to us to print.

There are many options to choose from when you partner with RapidStudio for your wedding album printing. From designing semi-personalised covers and photobooks to choosing material options, you are spoiled for choice. Make sure you check out RapidStudio’s Ultimate range for that high end wedding look. These are great coupled with the hardcover range for parents of the couple, wedding party etc. You can find out all you need to know on our FAQ page. Contact us for more information about wedding album printing today.


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