How to Plan a Fun Easter Family Photo Shoot

Whether your goal is custom card printing or a family photo book, a fun Easter family photo shoot is the best way to get unique, fun and memorable pictures of your family. Your family photo shoot doesn’t - and shouldn’t - be full of rigid, awkward poses and stiff smiles. Try out any of these four fun ideas for unforgettable family photos.

  1. Include Bunnies
    Candid or posed photos of your family with actual bunnies are a great way to bring the spirit of Easter to your photos. Where you get the bunnies from are up to you... Perhaps a friend on a farm has a few bunnies or your local pet store would be willing for you to take them? Or, maybe you would even consider adopting a bunny or two for your family this Easter?
  1. Bunny Ears on Pets, Kids and Adults
    If you have a dog in the family, creating your own bunny ears for your dog to wear is a good way to get your pet to be a part of the family photo shoot. Kids and adults could also wear bunny ears and you could even draw whiskers on your faces.
  1. Floral Arrangements and Historic Places
    Colourful flowers and plants can liven up any photo shoot. Whether you want to include flowers in a setting or drive to beautiful historic places such as a church or perhaps a local business that has flowers outside, this is a great way to inject some vibrancy into your pictures.
  1. Plan an Easter Egg Hunt
    This could result in lively action photos with family members searching for colourful eggs, kids rejoicing at finding chocolate and people eating yummy Easter treats.
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