5 Simple Ways to Capture the Memories of Your Holidays

So, the summer holidays have come and gone again, leaving you only with memories. The great news is that the memories you have now saved in the form of photographs don’t have to be forgotten on your camera or smartphone. You can turn them into beautiful decorations and conversation starters. And, by doing so you will not only never forget the precious moments, but you will also have a reminder of what you have to look forward to on the next holiday! Try these five great custom photo printing ideas to preserve and display your memories.

  1. Home Décor
    You can take your favourite photographs and print them on large canvas spreads or canvas sets or even framed posters. These can then be hung in whichever part of your house you choose. Both as beautiful decor items and special, personal memories, these photographs will make the perfect conversation starter when guests come over.
  2. Photobooks
    Take all your holiday photos and compile them into a dedicated, beautifully laid out photobook that documents your entire holiday from start to finish, capturing all the epic and funny moments.
  3. Homeware
    Choose some of the real stand-out images and commit them to various pieces of new homeware. Think out-of-the-box. For instance, who said you cannot print a picture on a cutting board? Coasters, mugs and/or placemats are also perfect to display memorable images.
  4. Calendars and Clocks
    Select twelve of your favourite photos, dedicate each of them to a particular month, and create the perfect personalised calendar for the coming year. Or, you can create a clock using one image of your choice.
  5. Photo Prints
    Alternatively, you could simply create beautiful, full-colour prints of your favourite pictures and frame them or save them in a photobook, as you prefer. You can print them in a variety of sizes to suit your needs.

Whatever you choose to do with your memories, RapidStudio can help you bring them to life
with these and more custom photo printing options. Contact us for more information, or
browse our product pages.


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