5 Great and Original Ways to Say "I Love You"

With a new round of birthdays coming up in the New Year, not to mention Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you might find yourself at a loss for ideas as to what to buy those special people in your life. They already have all they need and you already got them all the toys, electronics and clothes they wanted at Christmas. What to do? Personalised, printed gifts can never go amiss. You can create a unique gift special to that particular person, and it is guaranteed to be unlike anything else they already have. Look at these five beautiful options.

  1. Photobooks
    Why not create a memento of a person’s life or your relationship with them or even of your entire family? All you have to do is gather all the photographs you want and compile them into a one-of-a-kind photobook. You can do the design online, and we will then print the book in the design and type of your choice. This makes a beautiful keepsake, especially for the more sentimental amongst your friends and family.
  2. Calendars
    Take whichever calendar layout you prefer – be it CD, tent, wall or even a diary – and fill it with pictures that are special to that particular person. The pictures could be of the person and/or any of the people special to him/her. Or, you could go the opposite way by not selecting pictures of people (perhaps they are camera-shy?). Rather, get creative and choose images that represent the person’s passions and interests, making each one special to every particular month.
  3. Homeware
    This is the perfect opportunity to take a functional gift and give it both a decorative and personal touch. Coasters, cutting boards, mugs, place mats – all of them can be printed with images that will customise them for the people you love.
  4. Wall-Art
    That special person has almost everything they want – except something to fill that open space on the lounge wall. You can take care of that by choosing the perfect image and having it printed on canvas, not only a perfect personal gift but also the ideal décor element to tie the room together.
  5. Personalised Clocks
    Another great idea is to select one or two images and use them as the centrepiece on a canvas clock. Alternatively, you can create a large wall clock using several images, strategically arranged to fit each number on the clock face.

Whatever personalised printed gift you choose to give to someone special, RapidStudio can
help you bring them to life with these and more custom photo printing options. Contact us
for more information, or browse our product pages.


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