Digitise Your Family Photos and Create a Beautiful Photobook

Ever heard people say that if their house was on fire and they could save only one possession, they would grab their photo albums? A family’s photo albums hold their combined memories of all their best times. As such, they should be looked after.

Old fashioned albums lose their stickiness and colour over time. The photos themselves start to dull and fade. With all the handling of people browsing them, they start to fall apart and look shabby. This is why coffee table photobooks are the answer.

Showing your family memories in a professionally bound photobook on your coffee table or bookshelf will take the pics from drab to fab. What’s great is that you can create separate volumes for each chapter of your lives: ‘Mauritius Holiday 2017’ or ‘The Kids as Babies’, etc. Each book can have its own look and feel to go with the theme or event it contains.

It Is So Easy

Today’s software and photobook websites are designed to be user-friendly for people regardless of their level of (or lack of!) tech savvy. At RapidStudio, we have our very own online design tool that will enable you to create your own beautiful photobooks. The uploading and design process is fast and fun. So, the whole family can participate, and the result is something you can all be proud of and enjoy time and again as you relive those old memories.

Not only will you have a hard copy of your photos in the most professional presentation, but the photos can also be backed up digitally so that you will always know where to find them in case of emergency.

Photobook, South Africa

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